Best Midsummer Event in Finland

The last ten days of June is the time when the daylight is the greatest and the night is the shortest in Finland. Finlander established the Saturday between June, 20th and 23rd, June as Midsummer Festival. Midsummer Festival was once a historical feast day to consider the beginning date of Baptist. As the time goes by, Midsummer Festival loses its faith shade little by little and becomes a wonderful festival of people function which would be to observe the rosiness and the lush of everything on earth. All forms of celebration actions would be used following the traditional custom all over the place with this day every year. Seurasaari of the capital town of Helsinki is the center for celebrating Midsummer Festival.

Finland is peaceful. But in this time around, numerous people who are all decked out arrive at Seurasaari to be a part of the every-year party. We are drawn with a few women dressed in land clothes when we only step onto Seurasaari after planning across the long white bridge. They’re wearing white shirts with lavish one-piece dress, mind with colorful scarf and flower basket in hand. They attract lots of travelers to simply take photos together as they’re so lovely under the blue sky.

Planning deep along the path in the forest, we see several small classes of conventional characteristics on both sides of the path. Residents are dressed in several sorts of nation clothes doing how to do the handicraft and the food. This could enable you to see the life and work world of the old people in Finland.

Most of a sudden, melodious and sweet notes come into our ears from the distance where there are two young girls are doing musical instrument. On the mattress of garden, the adult and young ones both in brilliant clothes are playing some folk activities. Pleasure perfuses the mother earth.

More details are available on this site.

Going forward for maybe not far away, a group of folk musicians are moving with their hearts’ content. While the guys are wearing black pants and white clothes with black shoes on feet which cause them to become really attractive lesgirls are wearing colorful skirts of classicism. Tourists about are influenced so much by the dance which is full of ardor and riot that they’ll not help but join in the dance which is now bigger and bigger in succession. They all dance to the bight music.


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